Adventure on the high seas
New Friends and an unlucky halfling

Tyro and Jin awake to find that they are bond together at the bottom of a ship. Not to long after an interrogation done by Alhelm, Then ship is rammed by what appears to be pirates. The ship starts to fill with water and Tyro and Jin nearly escape drowning. When Jin reaches the top deck he finds a battle about to commence. luckily the pirates leader was an elf who viewed Jin as a prisoner. During the battle Tyro goes to the top deck, only to be shot down by one of the pirates archers. The pirates win the battle and take Alhelm hostage as the ship sinks with Tyro on it. Jin is then introduced to the legendary captain Veril of the Longbranch clan. That night Jin has a vision of a giant dark mass rising from the ocean. Alhelm also has a vision that night, he sees a dagger in the middle of a desert, and sheath in a tree top canopy, an old man, and a child sitting in the middle of a destroyed city.

I must find them.
A crazy bard, clumsy rouge and war bent dwarf.

After having several visions of a halfling and his where-a-bouts, the elf Jin Silverleaf journeys to Port Violet of Treseal to find him. On arrival to Port Violet Jin finds the halfling, Tyro, that plagues his dreams. Tyros, later that night, excepts a job from an old friend who goes by the name of “Bob”. The job is to follow Jin and report any information back to Bob about the visions Jin has been having. That same night the nation of Chivert declares war on Treseal and launches an attack on Port Violet. Chivert soldiers attempt to kill Jin, and nearly succeed. Jin goes to an old friend in the harbor and then blacks out. Bob rushes Tyro to a sailor that can get them out of the city before the invasion. Bob and Tyro arrive to discover Jin be tended to by the sailor. Bob and Tyro get Jin aboard the ship and head off to Bobs safe house in Port Slaughtier of the nation of Chivert. While knocked out Jin has a visions of a war bent dwarf in the nation of Chivert. Jin wakes up next to Tyro who explains the situation. Bob hides in the lower parts of the Boat to avoid detection from Jin. Jin makes a disguise that covers his elven features. He posses as a blind war hero. On arrival to Chivert the party reaches the safe house and tries to plan a coarse of action. later that night Jin, Tyro, and the mysterious dwarf. has a vision of Port Slaughtier burning and being on a ship with sailing away. The next day Jin and tyro meet the dwarf, Alhelm Von Wolfvenstien, who matches the dwarf in Jins visions. That night Jin and Tyro set flame to the capital building and buildings all around the city. While trying to escape to the docks to retrieve their boat they are confronted by Alhelm and a few soldiers. After Tyro and Jin loose the battle to Alhelm and the guards the leader of the Nation of Chivert, Sir Slaughtier the third, along with a crew of men approach Alhelm. He infroms Alhelm that elves from the nation of Quaqa have teleported and started attacking the city. They quickly load the newly acquired prisoners and sail away from the city as Alhelm watches it burn.


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